Project Management and Construction

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Preparation stage

Identification of client’s needs & objectives. Development of methods, procedures and structure for the project. Establish Project programme. Prepare Handover Strategy and Risk Assessments. Agree Schedule of Services, Design Responsibility Matrix and Information Exchanges Flow.

Design stage

Implementation of Design Brief, preparation of proposals for structure and environmental strategies, systems and preliminary costs and energy plans. Planning permissions. Concept + Developed + Technical Design. Principles of handover process agreed and details audited.

Pre-construction stage

Preparation of production information in sufficient detail to enable a tender. Identification and evaluation of potential contractors and/or specialists for the project. Obtaining and appraising tenders. Review of procurement route and Project Programme.

Construction stage

Appointing the contractor. Arranging site hand over to contractor. Administration of the building contract. Review of information flow provided by contractor and specialists. Collating as-build information for post-construction sustainability certification.

Use stage

Handover of building and conclusion of Building Contract. Review of Project Performance, Project Outcomes and Research and Development aspects. “As-constructed” information updated in response to ongoing client Feedback and maintenance or operational developments.


Private houses

Residential flats


Trade centers




United States of America

United Kingdom



“He has focused on every detail of the projects. His leadership as project director of international teams was excellent”

MCBW, Development, Spain, Croatia, Italy

“His technical knowledge is excellent and he has the capacity to have a detailed overall view of the projects and their needs … he is extremely dedicated person.”

ECU, Development, Spain

“He has demonstrated a great professionalism in organization, economic supervision, technical issues … and finish aesthetics.”

MAAC, Architects, Spain

“During this time we had an excellent professional collaboration.”

UNITS4, General construction, Spain

“It has been a pleasure to collaborate with him”

VERUM HOTEL DEVELOPMENT, Architects/Designers, Spain, France

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